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Monday, July 26, 2010

Bonhoeffer Paster, Martyr, Prohpet, Spy by Eric Metaxas

This is a very inspirational biography about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was a serious, committed Christian, Pastor and Theologian. The book describes Bonhoeffer's complete life. The reader will receive a clear idea of the influences that brought Bonhoeffer to Theology and his battle against Hitler and the Nazis.

Bonhoeffer demonstrates what it is like to want to do the will of God at any cost; and to do it without regard for yourself. Bonhoeffer literally laid down his life so he could gain life, by strictly following the will of God. Moreover, Bonhoeffer demonstrates true commitment to God without fear or hesitation - even just before his execution for participating in the conspiracy to triumph over Hitler and the Nazis.

I was very impressed with the book because it covered Hitler, his rise to an evil dictator and the despicable/evil actions Hitler committed. It not only described Bonhoeffer's life, but demonstrated how being committed to doing God's will is and should be fearless. Bonhoeffer was not concerned with what others thought and stood up for what he thought was right and Christlike, whether it was against the Nazis or the the church in Germany. The book also details his research in the theological field, such as to answer questions on what it really means to be a Christian.

Highly enlightening and flows well. Easy to read and hard to put down!

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