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Friday, July 9, 2010

"The Shack"

"The Shack" by William P. Young is a fictional work that requires a great deal of discernment. After reading many reviews claiming this book brought them closer to God, I decided to read it. It is deplorable. It is an attack on Christianity.

"The Shack" while fiction, is sadly being read as nonfiction. Hardly anything can be further from the truth of the Bible. "The Shack" has "God" proclaiming the basics of Christianity as irrelevant and wrong. For example, "The Shack" claims that Jesus is the best way to the Father. According to the Bible and Christian beliefs, Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. To claim Jesus is the best way (there are other ways) makes Jesus's death on the cross insignificant and trivial. After what Jesus suffered and endured - the torture, pain, humiliation and DEATH on the cross - to claim Jesus is the best way to the Father is unbiblical, unchristian and shameful.

"The Shack" claims "God" does not punish sin because sin is a punishment in of itself. "The Shack" implies there is no hell. "The Shack" demeans the awe and powers of God. In the Bible, people who encountered God immediately realized the greatness and awe of God. "The Shack" has its main character interacting with "God" as if God is just a buddy whom you can feel free to use foul language. Respect and awe for God is simply not illustrated in "The Shack". "The Shack" further attacks the greatness and power of God by claiming God cannot forgive someone who sinned against another until the person that he/she harmed has forgiven him/her. In other words, God does not have the power to forgive someone without human intervention. How far from the truth! - God is almighty powerful and does not need the help of mankind to fulfill His promises of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life.

Readers who claim "The Shack" brought them closer to God need to re-examine "The Shack" and the Bible. The god of "The Shack" is NOT the God of the Bible. It deeply saddens me to see how many have been deceived by "The Shack". Even churches and pastors have fallen prey to "The Shack". Satan has surely found a stronghold.

I had an debate with a pastor who was using "The Shack" as a way to show that someone so far from God can be reconciled with God. Yet, the god of "The Shack" is NOT the God of the Bible. Those who wish to study such a topic should turn to the Bible itself and discuss the Apostle Paul's life. In the Bible, you have a person who persecuted Christians and Jesus revealed Himself and asked, "why are you persecuting me?" This person in the Bible becomes such a disciple of God as to establish Churches and he wrote much of the New Testament.

Don't be deceived by "The Shack". Seek out a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Bible and prayer! It is absolutely impossible for "The Shack" to bring people closer to God.

"The Shack" claims Jesus is the best way to the Father. No, Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. That element alone is in significant conflict with the Bible and Christian beliefs. It is unbiblical and should raise a red flag as to the ungodliness and evils of "The Shack".

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